Hello and welcome to the grand opening of Paracosm: A feral cat colony roleplay! We've worked passionately to get the site up and running and are happy to say that it's finally here. We can't wait to dive right into all of the wonderful stories that we and our users will weave on this forum. But what kind of stories will they be you might ask?

Any kind you want! This is a semi-realistic feral cat roleplay. Our focus is on colonies. Colonies are large groups of cats that live in a general vicinity of one another and function as a unit. You can have your cat in a colony, a trailer park, or living on their own. No content is strictly prohibited (bar explicit mating) here on Paracosm. Tell the stories you want. Happy or sad, good or bad. Fights will break out, love will blossom, losses and victories await you. All you have to do is let the tales flow from your fingertips.

There are three unique colonies on this forum. Viridity, the nature loving, peace oriented cats of the light wood. Soror, the daring and passionate cats of the rocky bluffs. And Patria, the loving mothers of the deep forest.

So dive right in and enjoy yourselves! This is your paradise, your wonderland, and your chance to make something wonderful.

Songbirds sing with joy as they swoop through the lush green canopies, keeping watch on the peaceful creatures below. Summer has bought plentiful prey and beautiful greenery to the colonies as they spend the (sometimes rather hot) days basking in the sunlight or splashing in the cool waters of the river.


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It is highly recommended that you check out the info center for all of the nuances of the site that you could want to know. And if you have more questions, ask staff! Hobbit and I, Maple, are always ready to help. We hope that you'll enjoy this site and stick around to meet our members. We don't bite, we promise.

satyr made our beautiful skin, and all credit goes to her! She did a wonderful job and we couldn't be more happy with the result. We hope that you all like it too.


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